X-Golf Technology – Experience The Difference

The team at X-Golf prides itself on accuracy, experience, and realism within each of our golf simulation bays.

Over the past 15 years, the research and development team of X-Golf has been designing, developing, and revising advanced high-speed lasers, cameras, optical and impact sensors. Combining these factors with a strong engineering background, 3D technology, and a high-performing CPU processor has allowed us to create the most accurate range of golf simulator devices.

This technology allows our individual bays to not only measure the movement of the ball upon impact and flight, but also measure the physical movements of the golfer and club itself. Components such as the club path, angle of attack, trajectory, and velocity are all taken into account, ensuring that the golfer has the data to analyze what went well or what went poorly within their shot. We can measure and replicate things such as the flaws of physics to analyze exactly how the shot would look (draw, fade, hook, and slice) and how the golfer’s physical positioning can impact these factors. Our impact sensor is able to analyze the difference in shot types, including thin shots, tops, chunks, and other factors that impact distance and accuracy when playing on a traditional course.

Unlike many competitors, X-Golf can also take into account shots that are punchy, chips, and even putting, which allows our users to play the full course and not be limited to just landing on the green.