With the recent events in history across the United States along with the world, even the metrics of operations have shifted for the time being. Many locations have ceased operations entirely, while some are operating with limitations to help protect the employees and patrons of various establishments.

X-Golf Fort Collins had recently been closed during the full lockdown, as it was not constituted as an “essential business.” Yes, believe us, we were upset too when we found out X-Golf wasn’t essential, but we value the safety and health of our consumers more than anything, so we were happy to be a part of the positive impact that closing operations temporarily provided.

After the lockdown period ended, businesses began to open up with regulations to ensure continued safety. We are proud to announce that X-Golf Fort Collins is back open, and want to share with you information on how that works and our operating procedures that go along with COVID-19. Read on to learn more about these temporary changes, and we hope to see you swinging away soon!

COVID-19 Operating Procedures

X-Golf Fort Collins is committed to ensuring both guest satisfaction and safety, and we believe that our current operating procedures incorporate success in both of these aspects. While we are not running at full capacity, we are still open for business during our regular hours. Simply book a tee time as you would normally do, and you can be assured that your bay will be prepared and properly sanitized upon your arrival.


At the time being, and for as long as we have to, X-Golf will be operating at 30% capacity. This is a drastic drop from our 100% capacity, but we realize the importance of safety is the main concern during these times. 30% capacity equates to 48 people within our facility at once. This means that you can still gather your group of friends and rent out a bay as you normally would. Each bay can hold 6 people, which was a standard before COVID-19 even began, so nothing will feel much different once you are settled into your playing location.


When entering the X-Golf Fort Collins facility, masks are required for entrance. This ensures that when you enter the facility at the same time another group is leaving, there will be no conflict in regards to safety or covering up. Once you are situated in your playing bay, however, you will not be required to wear a mask. All bathroom trips or leaving of the bay will require a mask, but this is just so we can minimize the potential spread of COVID-19 among the various facilities in our location. Our employees and bartenders will be wearing masks when approaching you, and our staff is trained to remain the healthy 6-feet of distance each time they greet or serve you.

Drink Refills

With each and every new drink that is provided to your bay, there will be a new glass. While you aren’t getting a true “refill,” you are still getting a brand new drink and glass each time with no additional charges. This ensures not only your safety but the safety of our dedicated staff as well. When they come around to collect glasses before bringing a new beverage, the glasses go straight to the dishwasher where they are immediately cleaned in the back of the facility. They will then bring your drinks around, where they will be distributed in a non-contact method. We care about the safety of all individuals inside of X-Golf and believe this precautionary method will help do our part to stop the spread of this disease.

Bay Cleaning

During COVID-19 operation regulations, each bay will undergo a deep cleaning session in between each group. This requires a 15-minute break in between each session, and this is calculated and accounted for in our tee-time booking. We believe that with proper cleaning in between each session (as opposed to once or twice a day) will add additional resistance and safety against COVID-19 in our facilities. If you show up to your scheduled tee-time early, you may have to wait outside of the building until the cleaning session is done. While this can be viewed as a hassle to some, we believe there is a greater message and reasoning behind it, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during these troubling times.

Social Distancing Can Be Fun With X-Golf Fort Collins

X-Golf Fort Collins is here for the safety and enjoyment of our consumers, and we have no plans on changing either ideal anytime soon. Contact us if you have any further questions related to COVID-19 procedures, and be sure to schedule your upcoming tee-time today!