Virtual golf has rapidly advanced over the last few years, and XGolf is leading the pack. We pride ourselves in having the most state of the art golf simulators which offer incomparable accuracy and realism. Play some of your favorite golf courses in the world no matter what the weather is like outside, as well as hang out with your friends enjoying a nice, cold beverage. Follow our blog for more information about what we provide as well as some helpful and interesting facts about golf in general.

  1. Welcome to XGolf Fort Collins

    Sure, golf can be stressful from time (okay, sometimes more often than not) but there is no greater feeling than hearing a well-hit ball, getting that birdie, or just spending some quality time with friends and/or family. Unfortunately, the weather, just like some golfers we all know, doesn’t play fair. Whether it’s a summer thunderstorm or the sad times during the winter when the courses are …Read More